Oy Transmeri Ab steps up with Scholl in Finland


Scholl’s Wellness Company has appointed Oy Transmeri Ab as the official distributor of its Scholl brand across Finland. Bringing together Transmeri’s unparalleled market knowledge in skin and foot care with the might of the world’s leading foot health brand, this partnership promises to step up growth within the booming wellness category (1).


Scholl’s Wellness Company is the number one foot health brand (2), delivering 100-years of trusted innovation and one of the world’s most comprehensive portfolios. Scholl brings around 50 products to market, across support, care and aid need states, the range is available across grocery, pharmacy and department stores.


Today, Scholl’s best-selling range includes insoles, foot masks and moisturisation solutions as well as treatments for recurring conditions including fungal nail, verruca or warts, with further exciting product launches planned for 2023.  On a mission to support the foundational role that feet play in wellbeing, fitness and enjoying life to the max, the brand has exciting plans a foot to challenge us all to think differently about how we think and care for our feet.


This partnership comes at a time when consumers are waking up to the need for more interconnected solutions for healthier mind, body and planet.


Sari Rosin, CEO of Oy Transmeri Ab: “The global wellness market is dynamic, promising 5-10% annual growth and we’re excited by the opportunity to educate how total wellbeing starts from the feet up. Consumers always turn to trusted brands to help and with a century of expert know-how behind Scholl, we’re excited to step change healthy growth together”.


Oy Transmeri Ab is a Finnish family company with an almost 90-year heritage. It sells and markets other well-known branded products such as Weetabix, Lemon Juice & Glycerin, Medisoft, Ibero, OFF!, Glade, Duck, Wella Styling, and selective cosmetics such as Mádara and Guerlain, showing the partnership is off on a great footing.



1 McKinsey & Company (2021)

2 Number 1 brand by both brand share and awareness


Scholl’s Wellness Company 

Scholl’s Wellness Company is on a mission to help people see that true health starts from the feet up. Bringing a century of trust and innovation, Scholl, is the world’s leading foot health brand with a portfolio of around 50 products offering solutions in support, aid and care, with even more exciting innovation to come. Widely available across retail formats, the brand has exciting plans a foot to challenge us all to think differently about how we think and care for our feet, helping move people to better wellness, one step at a time.


More information:
Oy Transmeri Ab, CEO Sari Rosin, 

sari.rosin@transmeri.fi, Mobile +358 400 682 701

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