Transmeri’s production facilities serve in manufacturing chemistry products. Production focuses on liquid products and aerosols: we manufacture e.g. cleaning, repellent, hygiene and industrial products.

Our modern logistics center and its production and storage facilities is located in Vantaa with good access. We focus on efficiency and flexibility, and manufacture and pack products from 20 ml packages to tank trucks.

Over 13 million products are handled in our logistics center every year, from which we manufacture and pack over half of the amount in our production. We produce over 5,5 thousand tons of liquid products. Our speciality is our own aerosol production line.

The key figures of our warehouse:

– 11000 m2 production and warehouse facilities
– 8400 pallet spaces
– 15300 shelves for the cosmetics

Our logistics center handles orders and serves clients with several different operational models. We effectively utilize e.g. batch monitoring and voice direction to ensure timely and flawless deliveries. We store our own and our principals’ products at our storage facilities in Vantaa to ensure short delivery times and fast transport.