Transmeri contributes to the society in many ways, of which the most important is our role in the Didrichsen Art Foundation. The Didrichsen Art Museum celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2015, and has for several years been among the 10 most visited art museums in Finland.

Transmeri’s founder and long-time CEO, Danish-born Gunnar Didrichsen, married Marie-Louise Granfelt in 1939. They shared a love for art from the beginning, and this love resulted in the founding of The Didrichsen Art Museum in Kuusisaari, Helsinki.


National and international

The couple had a rule for buying art: they both had to like the acquired artworks. The collection includes Finnish paintings from the 20th century from such artists as Gallen-Kallela, Cawén, Schjerfbeck, Särestöniemi, Linnovaara, Hiltunen and Pullinen. Noteworthy international artists include Picasso, Kandinsy, Miró, Léger, Moore, Giacometti and Arp.

Today the foundation is at the hands of the second generation. The original vision of Marie-Louise and Gunnar Didrichsen is still the leitmotif for the operations: “We sincerely hope that our museum will remain the home of everything beautiful: art, architecture and nature and that it will give others as much joy as it has given us.”

Didrichsenin taidemuseo

Kuusilahdenkuja 1, 00340 Helsinki


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