Our sales and marketing organization is responsible for consumer and trade advertising, commercial relations and sales channels all the way to consumer services. Strong market and consumer know-how complemented with an efficient value chain is the foundation of our competence.

Well-known and successful brands create a good basis for success. Succeeding in Finland, however, requires more than just that. In addition to strong and trustworthy brands, our strengths lie in:


Creative marketing planning and execution

We gather and analyze sales and marketing data, define target groups and implement creative and efficient marketing and media planning, based on extensive data. We have excellent media relations at our use, complemented with years of local understanding of various media and creative executions. As a result, we have created huge success stories and significant market shares for decades.


Expertise-based marketing organizations

Our marketing is based on our strong expertise in our product categories and in various markets.

FMCG marketing is organized according to product categories. Each product category has a dedicated team of experts who possess the best know-how of their category and the product target groups.

The selective cosmetics marketing organization consists of expert teams that are responsible for various brands in Finland and in travel retail. The teams are responsible for marketing operations and successful client relationships.


In-depth consumer know-how

In-depth consumer know-how is an essential part of creating success stories. Our expertise is based on active consumer services and consumer research, keeping us up-to-date on end-user behavior.

Our consumer service helps consumers with product-related questions and offers us valuable feedback in order for us to develop our operations.

We constantly analyze the latest developments in the markets and in our product categories. Up-to-date information is essential for us to serve the trade and our principals in the best ways possible.


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