Oy Transmeri Ab is an importer and distributor of daily consumer goods and selective cosmetics in Finland and in the Baltics. The company’s turnover is approximately 38 M€ and it has 90 employees.

Transmeri is a Finnish family-owned company that has a long history in creating success stories for grocery and cosmetic brands. Our top know-how in sales and marketing is complemented by our profitable and uninterrupted supply chain, covering everything from importing and contract manufacturing to storage, delivery and other logistics services. Our extensive expertise and efficient supply chain serves resellers, principals and consumers alike.

Transmeri’s extensive daily consumer good selection covers 100 % of the Finnish distribution channels, with thousands of products in distribution. We are one of the leading marketers of selective cosmetics in Finland. We introduce hundreds of new selective cosmetic products to Finnish market every year.

Two important principals have been our partners since the beginning: SC Johnson since 1931 and Chanel since 1933.

Our sales personnel make over 10,000 store visits annually, and over 4,000 consumers contact our consumer services every year.


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