Transmeri invests into environmental matters actively and systematically. We received the ISO 14011 environmental certificate in 1999. The certificate covers manufacturing, importing, marketing and storing of chemical products.

The whole Transmeri staff has been trained in environmental matters, because environmental training is an essential part of our employee induction. With the help of a certified environmental management system we can manage our environmental matters in a centralized way and reduce environmental impact in all our operations.

Aiming for environmental awareness and reducing waste

Our environment-related goals include raising environmental awareness and reducing the amount of landfill waste. We openly report about our activities to our clients, consumers, staff and other interest groups.

We have cut down the amount of waste in half compared to 1999.  This has been achieved by collecting energy waste and with the help of more efficient waste sorting.

We increase environmental awareness by e.g. the following means:

  • We strive to use product materials that have a smaller environmental impact.
  • We monitor the level of our principals’ environmental protection activities with the help of environmental surveys.
  • We inform about product-related environmental issues, such as eco-labels.
  • We improve environmental awareness with our product manuals and material safety data sheets.
  • We assist our clients and consumers to use our products.

A modern factory equals less consumed energy

The majority of our products are manufactured at our new production facilities in Piispankylä, Vantaa. The new factory consumes a significantly lower amount of energy in comparison to the old one. This has been achieved e.g. with the help of a cooling water recycling system that not only saves water but also collects the charged energy from it. We use green electricity at our factory.

We receive information about the environmental impact of our operations by monitoring waste amounts and types, electricity, fuel oil and water. The functionality of our environmental system is evaluated with internal and external inspections.